About Us - Maple Mountain

Born in the shadows of the mountain by which we are named…We are Maple Mountain Co-Packers.

Chasing a dream can lead down many roads, often taking a back seat to that thing called life. The best dreams are developed over time, with experience, having had the thrill of more than a few victories and the priceless taste of an occasional defeat. And, when the season is right and the mind resolute, the pathway becomes clear. Ours is a story of four guys, four very different paths, a combined eighty years servicing the manufacturing and co-packing world, all with a little courage and a whole lot of luck! Manufacturing was our dream; Maple Mountain Co-Packers is our dream come true. Come, build with us!

For the last ten years, the owners of Maple Mountain Co-Packers have been very involved in the packaging industry. They own several staffing agencies located throughout the United States which staff hundreds of production facilities. Their companies generate over $200 Million in annual revenue and they have as many as 600 employees in one location. The transition from the staffing of production facilities to owning their own production facility has always been part of their long-term business plan. With over ten years experience in the production industry servicing some of the largest companies in the country, they were well prepared to create a high quality production facility. From the spotless clean rooms to the detailed quality systems, Maple Mountain Co-Packers is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and meet the needs of our production partners.

For more information on Maple Mountain Co-Packers, or to get a quote for our services, or to contact a representative, please call or email:
Rob LeBaron