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Bulk Powder Filling

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Bulk Powder Filling

Anyone who has a packaging project would look for a company that specializes in dealing with full contract packaging supply. Our team has the experience to confidently say that we are the ones you need for this kind of job.

We, the Maple Mountain Co-Packers, offers a wide variety of dry powder filling services, aside from sourcing all different types of packaging. You can choose to sell your products in classic bottles and jars, stand-up pouches, stick packs, sachets, flexible containers for shipping efficiency, or other containers. Our specialty packaging team will make sure to fulfill your needs and provide you top-quality services for your packaging project.

As a leading powder packaging company, we are 100% responsible for flexible filling and packaging to assure the success of your product! So aside from keeping your product safe, we will also make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing. After all, if your product is not catchy enough for the consumer’s eye, it probably won’t sell. Our contract packaging process will help you create the best product containers that will surely attract buyers and deliver fresh, high-quality products.

Here are some of the services we can provide:
• Letting you choose what kind of size you want for your product, whether you want your product to be in a small pillow pouch or wide-mouth jar. You can choose from the many varieties we have to offer for package sealing and closing.
• We can help you design the final product packaging. This will ensure that the product design you desire will best fit the packaging so we can maximize overall production time.
• Only the highest quality materials are used for your packaging. We will select the proper film construction for your product to maximize production efficiencies.

We also offer packages for non-food products which are done separately from the food products, so no need to worry about cross-contamination.

Some of the types of contract packaging we provide are:

• Powdered drink and nutritional supplements
• Candies
• Spices and seasonings
• Sugars
• Salt blends
• Coffee and Teas
• Baking powder and mixes
• Powder-based cosmetics
• Laundry product such as detergents
• Snack mixes
• Protein powder
• Nutritional supplement

Our flexibility enables us to respond properly to our customers. We carefully study your packaging and also your competitors’ to give us an understanding of how the look, feel, and functionality compares. This will help us know what would be best for your product.

With your help and input, we will determine the benefits of your current packaging and help you work on how to improve them. So let us manage your next packaging project and prove to you that Maple Mountain Co-Packers is adaptable, responsible and innovative.

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