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Stick Pack Packaging

Stick pack contract packaging are becoming a staple in terms of packaging food and medicine-related products, and it is for a reason: it’s convenient to carry, it’s easy to use, and each stick pack has contents equivalent to one serving of your favorite coffee, or tea, or whatever is on that pack.

It is worth noting that for such a slim and small pack, you can let everyone enjoy your product without fail. Plus, this type of packaging is considered eco-friendly. Stick pack packaging uses much less paper or plastic compared to other types of packets, such as a square packing.
And with less raw materials to work with, stick pack packing also translates to fewer production costs, and with fewer costs, comes more products to make.

What’s more into this is the fact that stick pack packaged products are very well known for its compactness – with each stick consuming very little space, you now have the capability of filling up entire bulks of stick pack packaged products, in a single box, further lessening costs. As a result, you will gain more profit than ever.
To top it all off, using stick pack packaging is known to boost the product’s marketability due to its convenience and ease of use. It’s human instinct to be skeptical whenever a new item or product is presented to us, and due to this skepticism, we will try that product with as few servings as possible. Using stick pack contract manufacturers is an excellent idea for entry-level companies who are looking to release their first product out on the market, as it will encourage prospective buyers to try the product without spending too much money. Thus, stick pack packaging is a great way to introduce your newest products.

We at MMCP appreciate the capabilities of stick pack packaging, and we would like to provide our partners with its maximized benefits, that include high production rates, low production costs, and more.

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